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Trikala Corinth

Three beautiful villages perched on the northeastern slopes of Ziria, at 1,000 m. Altitude.

The Upper, Middle and Lower Trikala Corinthia, favorite destination of excursionists weekend with a remarkable tourist infrastructure that continuously improves, they get on well on the tourist map of the region, as in the interwar years when the good Athenian society to appreciate particularly the wholesome air.

Trees, oak, walnut and chestnut trees form a natural colorful puzzle between the houses, the sound of running water accompanies you all day and panoramic views of the Corinthian Gulf your cheer.

It is the most popular base for trips in Ziria, although in recent years new investments in erstwhile mountain of lovers give and take.
From the Root and Karia until Goura Feneos and Panorama, will hardly find more village without hostel. The region of Ziria ideal for 4×4 excursions, hiking and ski mountaineering.

Ano Trikala

In Ano Trikala saved many stone houses and churches of the 16th-18th century, visitors can visit, including the famous temple of Ag. Nikolaos with remarkable frescoes from the 10th century, the mansion of Notaras and the house of birth of Saint Gerasimos .

Coming from Ano Trikala, the road leads to the historical monastery of Ag. Vlassis, built around 1400 in the place that was found near the miraculous image.From the courtyard, you will see the breathtaking view of Corinth, who “cut” literally breathtaking!

τρικαλα κορινθιας - Diochri Guesthouse

Mesaia Trikala

The Trikala is in a settlement that preserves local traditional elements combined with new buildings made with love, made of stone and wood.

There has been created a very large infrastructure taverns and cafes give visitors the opportunity to enjoy all kinds of local traditional food and rest.

Enjoying the magnificent scenery can continue his visit to the monastery of Panagia, built around 1700 by the bishop of Corinth Gregory III Notaras and browse the Ziria and mountain hiking trails.

Kato Trikala

Starting from Kato Trikala in Korinthia, in the center of the village the visitor sees the great stone square with two super-ancient trees in combination with the traditional tavernas and cafés create a very unique setting to 900 meters. altitude.

There the visitor can enjoy all sorts of recipes in the taverns of the village prepared with care by the cooks of shops.Hospitality dominant feature of the village is excellent and makes you feel like home, in a cozy and relaxing environment. Exploring the village you can see the impressive temple of Ag. Dimitrios, 1697, with type expressionistic murals and to enjoy the mountain and sea calming body and soul ..

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